Art Nouveau in Oradea: the Black Eagle Palace

Art Nouveau in Oradea:  The Black Eagle Palace


Oradea is well-known for its Art Nouveau buildings, of which the Black Eagle Palace stands out. There is a multilingual information leaflet under the dome which can be approached from all three entrances of the building which provides a description of, and gives its visitors an insight into the palace's past and history,.

The palace was built between 1907 and 1909 based on the plans of Marcell Komor and Dezső Jakab. Those who financed the building of the palace were dr. Ede Kurländer and dr. Emil Adorjan. From the very beginning, the palace had several functions: it hosted for restaurants, confectioneries, hotels, cafes, offices, and shops. Today these spaces have been replaced by clubs which have huge terraces.  One can admire the signs of Art Nouveau on the building: curved lines, floral and figurative ornaments, stained glass windows, and visitors can observe the bustling life of the main square as well. Sitting in the cafes and terraces of the Palace is like traveling back in time. During the history the palace has been modernized and rebuilt several times, always striving to retain its original features and form. One of the most important reconstructions began in 2002, which resulted in repainting the walls, as well as repairing the plaster and decorations.

The palace plays an important role in Oradea’s youth life, it has become a multicultural center. On weekends, the entertainment venues under the Eagle Palace become the most popular places for university students studying in Oradea. Although in the time of Endre Ady, these rooms gave home to various literary debates and evenings, nowadays they have been transformed into modern clubs with different styles of music and atmosphere. These clubs, Lord’s Pub, the Green Pub, the Black Eagle, the Edison, the Steam Bar, and the Columbus Café provide quality entertainment for several generations and nationalities.  What distinguishes these clubs from the rest and why are they so unique and popular?   The answer is very simple: they not only provide modern entertainment, but also make their young visitors feel enchanted and uplifting thanks to the features of the building and the decorations on the glass.

 The Black Eagle Palace with the black eagle on the main glass window, which has also become a symbol of the city, is one of the most outstanding Art Nouveau works of Partium and Transylvania.


Emőke Almási

Blanka Kind

Multilingualism and Multiculturalism MA program

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